Carnegie Hall, one week

As I write this, it’s one week until our thrilling world premier at Carnegie Hall!

In this magnificent choir are twenty of the best people with whom I have
ever sung and five amazing musicians who are with us for the first time.

Thanks to our dear friends at Trinity Church, our rehearsal space is glorious!
Photos by Stephen Sands

Aoede Consort at Trinity Wall Street
Aoede Consort, Trinity Church Wall Street, New York, New York
Men left to right: Eric Dudley, Tim Hodges, Ray Bailey, Alex Jones,
Jim Crum, David Loy, Stephen Piwowarski, Steven Fasano
(John E. Schreiner and Derek Stannard)
Women left to right: Silvie Jensen, Kirsten Sollek, Mary Abba-Gleason, Ann Marie Grathwol, Darcy Meadows, Luthien Brackett, Kristin Sands, Molly Quinn,
Martha Cluver, Sabrina Manna, Anne Agresta Dugan, Amy Goldin
Dan Foster, founder and artistic director

Aoede Consort at Trinity Wall Street