Lully scores

At our Baroque Masters Concert on June 6, 2009, Aoede Consort will present rarely heard masterpiece Exaudiat te Dominus by Jean-Baptiste Lully.

On Monday February 9th, the Broude Brothers score of
Exaudiat te Dominus score arrived. Hours later, Remi Castonguay, Music Librarian at Irving S. Gilmore Music Library, Yale University, sent us a high resolution scan of the facsimile. Professor Carragan and I have begun work toward new continuo realizations for organ and harpsichord and performance materials.

Aoede wishes to thank the following people for their invaluable help with our Lully project:

Dr. Craig Wright, Yale University who got us in touch with Remi Castonguay, Gallica France for providing the scan of the facsimile, and Dr. John Hajdu Heyer, University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, a world expert on Lully who has provided us with many resources.

-Dan Foster, artistic director